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Product Description

Do you know that the two-wheeler riders and commuters are 90% more exposed dangerous PM2.5 (the Particulate Matter (PM) smaller than 2.5 micrometres which can bypass throat and penetrate deep into the lungs and enter the circulatory system), harmful gases and dust particles?

You might be using handkerchiefs, or dupatta to cover your nose and mouth, but these pieces of clothes do not protect your respiratory system from pollutants. Every day you step out of the house for your college/office and unknowingly inhale harmful pollutants. This becomes highly alarming during peak traffic hours. Also, these PM2.5 particles become the reason for respiratory infections and skin problems.

Our product, PureMe Reusable Face Mask was created to equip the two-wheeler ride with a proper anti-pollution mask which prevents PM2.5 and it’s reusability makes the mask economical and possible for each Indian.

pollution mask bike mask face
pollution mask bike mask face

reusable washable n95 mask
reusable washable n95 mask

If you have to step out of your home regularly, the PureMe Reusable Mask is the right choice for you

What’s Inside?

The pack contains a cotton mask and four PM2.5 filters. Within the pack, four filters are provided for your convenience. If additional filters are needed later, they can be purchased separately. Each filter has a life of about 20-25 days.

What’s PM2.5, and why is it dangerous?

You must understand why PM2.5 filter is essential. The cotton material can filter out only bigger dust particles, but they are not able to filter out dangerous PM2.5 matter. PM2.5 are the smallest of the particles that are the 1/70th size of human air, that is smaller than 2.5 micrometres. These particulate matters can easily bypass your nose and throat and penetrate deep into the lungs and some may even enter the circulatory system, becoming the major reason for all respiratory diseases as they are so little.

To filter out PM2.5, a filter needs to be inserted in the cotton mask. The cotton mask is washable and each filter has a life of approximate 20-25 days under normal conditions.

In a nutshell, this becomes a reusable mask with replaceable filters.

washable reusable mask
washable reusable mask


No need to throw away your mask, use it again

soft comfortable mask
soft comfortable mask

Soft and Comfortable

Extra soft material inside the mask ensures comfort with style

4 pm2.5 filters
4 pm2.5 filters

4 PM2.5 Filters

More filters means longer duration

mask n95
mask n95

How to use : Step 1

a. The packet contains- 1 mask and 4 filters.

b. Open the packet and take out the mask and one filter.

c. Put the filter inside the pocket of the mask.

How to use: Step 2

d. Fold the filter slightly to insert into the pocket

e. Open up the fold when the filter gets completely inside.

f. Wear it easily by stretching the bands of the mask whenever needed.

g. Use the filter for 20-25 days, change the filter whenever it looks dirty.

n95 mask pollution mask
n95 mask pollution mask

Describe your products in three words.

Comfortable, Reliable and Affordable

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We grew concerned for the safety of two-wheelers riders like us who commute on a daily basis while breathing harmful pollutants. Also, peak traffic hours during both morning and evening, the vehicular pollution from cars, buses and two wheelers are at the highest level because of long queues on all sides of the road. The aware and concerned people wrap handkerchiefs or cotton cloth around the face. But even that is not the solution to counter vehicular pollution and PM2.5.

We wanted a anti-pollution mask which could counter PM2.5 pollutants.Though there were anti-pollution face masks available in the market, none of them was reusable and economical. This lead to the idea which is now known as PureMe Masks, an idea of creating a reusable anti-pollution mask for two-wheeler riders. With an objective to provide a long lasting solution for the problem, we have come up with a reusable N95 Mask that can filter at least 95% of PM2.5 present in air.

What makes your product special?

Unlike masks available in the market, PureMe has two essential and distinguished properties: Firstly, the cotton mask can be washed and reused whenever required. Secondly, the filters that provide complete protection against dangerous PM2.5 present in the air are replaceable. With PureMe, you don’t have to buy the cotton mask every 20 days as it’s ready to reuse after a wash which makes our Mask economical for the everyday commuter.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The acceptability of the product and its subsequent appreciation by our consumers is the most exceptional experience for us.

5 layer pm2.5 filter with activated carbon layer, the pack contains 4 activated carbon filters for your convenience
4 pm2.5 replaceable filters inside the pack for filtration, each filter has life of upto 100 hours, and that’s why four filters are being provided for your convenience
When the cotton mask gets dirty, wash the mask, without the filter.the filter cannot be washed
Comes with good quality


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